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Nhlangano Celebrates Elections in Style with Dr. Malinga

Immediately after the elections, the city of Nhlangano will come to life with the Newlife Xperience gig (which has become an annual event). This year the main guest performance will be rendered by Dr Malinga popularly known for his wild and peculiar dance moves.

The event will be held at Jukes on Fire Spin City (kaMjuda) on the 22nd September 2018 from 1500 till 0600 in the morning. The ‘akulaleki mawunemali’ heat singer will be performing alongside Eswatini’s finest performers such as Zulu D, Tibo DW, DJ Cup, NR, DJ CZAR, SupaCdq, The Scientists and many more…

There will also be a special performance by the Banger Boys from South Africa, a combination of deejays and a drumist who promised an electrifying performance for Gcom lovers. Also in the lineup up is a number of Nhlangano based upcoming artists such as Punchline, Quinn, the showstoppers, DJ Tikalavi, young Cia, Legendary music, Passada boys

The organisers of the event Newlife Entertainment urge fun lovers to behave themselves hence security will be tight. Cooler boxes will be allowed at E150. Presale tickets are available @E80 on the following outlets, Pizza Inn / Chicken Inn Nhlangano branches and T junction bar and filling station in Nhlangano. Entry fee will E100 at the gate.

Line Up Programme

3pm – 5pm – Cup opening
5pm – 7pm – Various artist (apex & bones & Anacobra & punch line Quinn)
7pm – 8pm – 711
8pm – 9pm – Performance ( Nr//siyah// show stoppers /Dj Tikalav/passada bois // legendary music)
9 pm – 10 pm – DJ Supa CDQ
10 pm – 11 pm – DJ Cyah
11pm – 00… Banger Boys
00am – 1:00am – Tibo
1:00am – 1:45am – Dr Malinga
1:45am – 3:00am – Zulu D
3:00am – 4:00am – The Scientists
4:00am – 5:00am  – DJ Celso
5:00am – 6:00am – DJ Czar
6 am…Cup Closing Set

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