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New WhatsApp update may ban screenshots of conversations

WhatsApp is primarily used by millions of users across the globe, including us in Eswatini. Apart from being used to catch up with one another or connect with your loved ones, there were instances where the app was used for not-so-good things, like the spread of rumours via screenshotted conversations, not forgetting the GIGABA Saga!

Well, those ‘membawang’ (gossiping) days will soon be over because WhatsApp is rolling out a new update which will prevent users from taking screenshots of their chats. The Independent reported that the new security feature called Authentication requires the user to set fingerprint access to their conversations, which protects them from being exposed to anyone who has the device in their hands.

The news was first reported by tech blog WABetaInfo, which called the new update “an illogical twist”. As safe as it may sound, this new feature actually prevents you from taking a screenshot on your own phone, but not the other party you’re talking to (provided that they haven’t set up the authentication feature).

Perhaps it’s only useful when a spy or a robber gets hold of your phone, maybe? Another security feature that is rumoured to be included in the new update, which we feel will be more useful for users, is using your saved fingerprint as an extra layer of protection to your private conversations. This basically means that no one can access or read your messages without your fingerprint access.

What do you guys think about the WhatsApp’s new security features? Do you think it’s useful, or it’s going to be a hassle in the long run?

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