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It has been confirmed that the South African musician is to grace us with her presence at the Baceth musical festival set to take place next month but the big question hanging in everyone’s minds is how she will be treated in light of her acts and performances which are considered to be in contradiction with the law.

The star famously known for revealing her skin has a lot contemplating on whether she will be charged with the SODV act because the truth is her dress code is normally constituted flashing. The musician’s dress code reveal what a bunch if not all view as private parts.

While section 47 of the SODV Act, which talks to flashing states; ‘A person who unlawfully, whether or not for the sexual gratification of the person or the third person or not, exposes or displays or causes the exposure or display of the genital organs or anus of the person or the third party to another person, without the consent of the other person, commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding E15 000 or imprisonment not exceeding 15 years or both.”

According to this Act, genital organs include the whole or part of the male or female genital organs and further includes surgically constructed or reconstructed genital organs. How all this will evolve remains a mystery.

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