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International Day For The Preservation Of the Ozone Layer

16 September 2021

By: Nomzamo Jiyane

The United Nations signed the Montreal Protocol on substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987. The World Ozone layer Day is celebrated world wide on September 16. The commemoration reminds us to be responsible individuals to ensure Ozone layer preservation.

The depletion of the Ozone layer has been a matter of concern that needs attention for the protection of all living beings on Earth. The Ozone layer is a gaseous shield which is a crucial component in the Earth’s stratosphere. It is responsible for absorbing the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun that may cause skin cancer, eye damage, cataracts, immune suppression also protects damage to plants and marine life.
To preserve the Ozone layer;

• Reduce Ozone depleting substances. Gases such as nitrous oxide, methyl bromide, halogenated hydrocarbons, hydrochlorofluoro carbons (HCFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons’ (CFSs).
• Maintaining electrical appliances is essential as they are responsible for emitting more ODs. Service them at regular intervals and safely dispose them once they are 10- 15 years old.
• Recycle cooling circuits from electrical appliances. They posses high portion of ODs.
• Use eco-friendly products, such as ‘energy star’ labeled appliances, aerosol products and equipment’s that do not use HCFs.
• Always go for climate friendly alternatives, like cycling, walking and car pooling instead of traveling in private car.

Our survival relies on the Ozone layer, help conserve it!

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