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By Khulile Thwala

Are you a young woman interested in a career in ICT? Then this one’s right up your alley.

The Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM) has initiated a ‘Girls in ICT’ Development Programme, aimed at girls and young women who are interested in pursuing an Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) related profession.

This scholarship is aimed at cultivating the presence and digital skills of young women and girls [aged 17-24] in the career field of STEM, particularly ICT. The programme will enable young girls without the necessary economic resources, to pursue careers in the ICT space.

Applications are invited for the  Girls in ICT Development Programme 2023 and the deadline is January 16, 2023. According to ESCCOM, the reasoning behind providing these scholarships is that science, technology, and innovation are key drivers of the increasingly global and digital society.

However, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) states that less than 30 per of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals are women. It is further reported that globally, in tertiary institutions, there is approximately half the number of girls studying STEM subjects compared to boys, and Eswatini is not an exception.

With this inequality persisting through the 21st century, the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion of women in STEM is critical. The sponsorship by ESCCOM will comprise fully-funded tuition, transport fees to and from, payable once every year, study permit costs, where applicable, medical aid, where applicable, prescribed textbooks; monthly personal living allowance (stipend) to cover accommodation and living expenses and the scholarship holder will be expected to participate in two annual initiatives promoted by ESCCOM, namely the international ‘Girls in ICT’ Commemoration, and Cybersecurity Awareness Campaigns, among other initiatives.

 Be a citizen of Eswatini;
 Aged 17 years, or above, up to a maximum of twenty-four years;
 The candidate should have credited Science, Technology,
Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) related Subjects;
 Acceptance letter for an ICT-related undergraduate degree from
an accredited local or South African Higher Learning Institution;
 Must be of good conduct, hardworking, and have excellent
academic results;
 Involvement in extra-curricular activities, such as sports,
community service etc. is a plus.
Qualifying young girls are requested to submit the following application
documents to by 5 p.m. 17H00 on
Monday, January 16, 2023:
 Two-page letter of motivation, including educational and
professional goals, and achievements
 Statement of results
 Conditional / Acceptance letter from an accredited Higher Learning

Applications should be addressed to:
Acting Director Support Services
Eswatini Communications Commission
4th Floor, North Wing, Sibekelo Building
Mhlambanyatsi Road

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