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The start of the year presents numerous opportunities, including the possibility of a new job. Many companies are offering learnerships, internships and full-time job opportunities.

However, thousands of people are applying for those and for you to be hired, you need to stand out amongst all those who have applied.

Job portal, s1jobs, says you need to include certain keywords and skills in your CV to stand a better chance. Here are the 9 qualities that companies are looking for in recruits and want to see in your CV.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills can show a lot about an individual and how they can contribute to growing the business. Remember to adapt the specific skills to the role you are applying for. Here are some key leadership skills you may want to include. Communication – how well can you communicate with your colleagues? Conflict resolution – are you good at solving or minimising conflict? Motivation – are you a motivated individual who is ready to work hard and complete tasks to the best of your ability?

Digital and technology skills

Digital skills are becoming more important and more sought after. Technology and social networking sites move so quickly, and businesses will find your CV very attractive if you can demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in these areas. Again, this depends on the type of role you are applying for but having a basic understanding of technology will always be a bonus to a potential employer.


In any role, you will come across problems and scenarios where you will need to find a solution. Key problem-solving skills you should outline in your CV are analytical thinking and critical thinking. When stating your problem-solving skills in an interview or your CV, provide an example of where you used those skills to solve a problem. This will help the potential employer to see that you have used these skills effectively in the past.

Time management

Time management is a great skill to have on your CV. Time management doesn’t just mean turning up to work on time. Time management can demonstrate that you are good at timekeeping and being where you need to be at the right time, but it also demonstrates that you can work well to deadlines and timescales. This shows a potential employer that you are an organised and punctual individual. Good time management can also show that you respect the company’s time.

Job-related skills

Job-related skills would depend on the role you are applying for. Make sure you are relating skills to the job role and what you would need to perform well in the position. Try using some keywords from the job ad too, these will help catch the employer’s eye.

Professional qualifications and experience

Do you have the qualifications or degree to suit the job role? Include your previous experience or internships and explain to the potential employer how this has helped you gain certain skills that will help you perform well in this role. Education and hands-on experience are equally as important, so you will want to show this on your CV and make it relevant to the industry you’re applying within. If you have no previous hands-on experience, internships are a great way to help build up your CV.

Collaborative working skills

Do you work well within a team? Then you’ll want to demonstrate that you can communicate well and become an integral part of the team. Showing that you are a collaborative team player will reassure a potential employer that you work well with others, minimising any risk of workplace conflict. Stating that you are a good listener is also a great skill to include. This will show that you will take constructive criticism onboard and listen to other people’s ideas.


Being innovative is also a great skill to have. Innovation can help to increase productivity by finding the most effective and efficient ways to complete tasks.

Willing to learn

Your potential employer will want to know if you are keen to learn new skills. Being open to learning new things will show that you are willing to grow your skill set to positively impact the business. It will also show enthusiasm and motivation to progress in your career. Perhaps think of an example for your interview where you have learnt something new that helped your previous employer.

Ensure that your CV reflects your skills and strengths. Your authenticity will also attract employers to your CV.

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