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Govt engages security experts to strengthen national security

By Khulile Thwala

Deputy Prime Minister Themba Nhlanganiso Masuku has revealed that security experts have been engaged to assist with certain aspects of the country’s security issues.

This follows insinuations from some members of the public suggesting that the Eswatini Government had hired mercenaries to assassinate some politically affiliated individuals, including accusations against the
government stating that there was a hit list circulating to be used by the alleged mercenaries.

“Government has not issued any directive that people should be killed or that state agencies should retaliate with violence. EmaSwati must be wary of proponents of disinformation and unfounded allegations. Further, we must allow for investigations to take place unhindered and for due process to follow thereafter,” said Masuku in a media briefing at Cabinet.

He further urged emaSwati to be wary of proponents of disinformation and unfounded allegations. Further, we must allow for investigations to take place unhindered and for due process to follow thereafter.

The DPM also relayed condolences to the late Human Rights lawyer Thulani Maseko’s family.

“We wish to express our deepest condolences to the Maseko family on the passing on of their son, father, and brother. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Update on the investigation into Thulani Maseko’s death

The State has announced that the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) is treating the death of the late human rights lawyer with the utmost seriousness and has launched an investigation.

“As this case is already under active investigation, we wish to caution those who are spreading false allegations and misinformation to desist from doing so. This has the potential to jeopardise the investigation. Police investigators need time and undivided focus when doing their job with the help of the community and general public for a swift, transparent and comprehensive outcome,” said Masuku.

He further said on the day of the late Maseko’s death, after the police got the reports of the shooting, they reacted and responded promptly to attend the scene.

“It is discouraging to note that notwithstanding their professionalism in doing so, they are now labelled as killers. Particularly troubling is that some of the attending officers have their pictures splashed all over the internet as if they were the ones who perpetrated the crime.”

Government reiterates its willingness to facilitate dialogue

The DPM has reiterated the government’s commitment to holding a peaceful, open, and fair National dialogue.

“Whilst noting the need to hold a national dialogue, as soon as possible, however, with the continued spate of violent killings and arson attacks against innocent people the government is forced to consider the safety of the people first. The country’s leadership is working towards the restoration of law and order as we pave the way to a peaceful and open national dialogue.”

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