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A construction worker digging a trench. Picture: Inyatsi Construction.
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Inyatsi Construction awarded half billion tender in Uganda

By Bahle Gama

With 40 years of experience in the industry, Inyatsi Construction has been awarded another tender valued at half a billion Emalangeni in Uganda.

The project is an embankment dam construction in Kubuyanda, Uganda and the company was awarded the tender in September last year, meanwhile, the site was handed over on April 27 this year to begin construction works.

Inyatsi Group continues to deliver on its vision to be Africa’s leading integrated Business Partner and through Executive Chairman Michelo Shakantua and his team, the company continues to spread its wings across the continent.

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Like all Inyatsi Construction projects, this too is expected to create new employment and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs and further empower people in the communities.

Inyatsi Construction’s vision statement

The dam is envisaged as a multipurpose for agriculture, water supply for the community and livestock.

This will not only impact the community but will also contribute to boosting Uganda’s economy.

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Headquartered in Eswatini, Inyatsi Group’s focus is to expand into other African markets and position itself as a continental player.

The company’s growing footprint on the continent continues to grow the country’s regional and global reputation.

It further showcases the skills and capacity of emaSwati and takes the position of being the country’s ambassador worldwide.

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