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By Philip Pullella

ROME – Pope Francis is expected to be discharged from hospital in the next few days and his recovery from surgery is progressing normally and without complications, the Vatican said on Wednesday.

Francis, 86, underwent a three-hour operation to repair an abdominal hernia last Wednesday.

A mesh prosthetic was inserted into his abdominal wall to help it heal and doctors want it to settle and attach properly.

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The pope did not say his public noon prayer from a balcony of the Gemelli Hospital last Sunday to avoid the strain of standing for too long.

The Vatican has cancelled all of his public and private audiences until June 18.

“The Holy Father rested well during the night. The medical team reports that the recovery is proceeding regularly, without complications, and therefore they are planning for him to be discharged in the next few days,” Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni said in a statement.

Francis was working from his hospital room and also spending time in the small chapel of the 10th-floor suite that is reserved for popes, Bruni said.

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The pope traditionally takes all of July off, with the Sunday blessings being his only public appearance, so he will have the entire month to rest before he is due to make a trip to Portugal from Aug. 2 to Aug 6 for World Youth Day and to visit the Shrine of Fatima.

He also is still scheduled to visit Mongolia from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, one of the remotest places he will have visited. (Reuters)

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