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Maloma Colliery’s bumper production year yields bonuses for workers

By Eswatini Daily News Reporter

The country’s producer of high-end anthracite and A-Grade coal, Maloma Colliery, has had a bumper production year, increasing turnover.

The company’s exceptional performance has also seen those responsible benefitting. Over 500 workers were left beaming with excitement and joy when Inyatsi Group Investments Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Lwiindi announced the figures achieved in the last 18 months.

Lwiindi indicated that the production levels at the mine were so consistent over the period, they were able to improve revenue generation from E340 million to E1.5 billion.

Lwiindi added that the processing beat the previous records experienced at the mine. The improved production levels come on the backdrop of massive investments made by the Inyatsi Group to turn the mine into a world-class facility. The group invested over E500 million towards infrastructural development, equipment and training of staff. Lwiindi said they would continue to renew while at the same time enhancing infrastructure.

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Inyatsi Group Investments Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Lwiindi

The move has seen an increase in output which has been able to keep with the demand for the quality products being churned out at the mine.

“In keeping with His Majesty King Mswati III’s vision, the Inyatsi Group continued developing Maloma into a world-class mine supporting the livelihoods of thousands of Emaswati in the country and the region,” said Lwiindi.

This was the second year that employees received bonuses as a thank-you token for their contributions towards the mine performing beyond expectations.

Lwiindi added that the bonuses were a way of acknowledging the workers’ contributions and excellent performance towards ensuring Maloma is a world-class mine that can compete with anyone globally.

Apart from the record turnover, the mine continues to make history and put the Kingdom of Eswatini on the map. The Inyatsi Group recently took a bold step and appointed the first mining CEO in the country in line with His Majesty King Mswati III’s vision of gender equality.

The group appointed Jabu Shabangu to steer the mine to new heights. She comes with extensive experience in the financial sector and managing billions within coffers.

Undeterred by what lies ahead, Shabangu has committed to ensuring that Maloma breaks new grounds and pushes the envelope to tap into new and niche markets while maintaining high global mining standards.

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“I commit to ensuring that Maloma Colliery Ltd complies with national and international mining standards. I pledge to thrive in maintaining and improving the over 1.2 million fatality-free production shifts recorded to date. We are incredibly proud of this record and are the only operational mine in Eswatini to achieve it,” said Shabangu.

Maloma ploughs back into the community with a road upgrade

While workers rejoiced at the bonuses received from Maloma Colliery for assisting the mine break records in production and revenue, the local community was also given a reason to smile.

The mine has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to rehabilitate a road in Khwezi Hill, which had been problematic to both the communities and the mine during rainy.

Water tanker spraying a road.

Vehicles would get stuck while others had to navigate slippery conditions which put their lives at risk just to be able to move around. Lwiindi said the organisation was committed to contributing a percentage of the mine’s net profit to the community through the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme.

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He explained that the company’s CSI programme has five pillars which were infrastructure, health, education, water and sanitation and Small Macro Medium Enterprise (SMME).

“Maloma Colliery is not just about mining in coal but giving back to our communities as well,” Lwiindi said.

This was not the first project where the mine uplifted the standards of the community. In the past, it has partnered with the Luke Commission to provide Clinical Services to the community.

The mine also sponsored over E30 000 towards the Ngudzeni Hiking event which was held on July 1. At least 20 employees participated in the event and represented the mine.

It also assisted with land clearing at Ntuthwakazi to allow for the construction of a community hall under the Mamba Chiefdom.


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