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Deputy Commissioner Meshack Ntshalintshali leading REPS officers in saying their last goodbye to the NATCOM.

By Bahle Gama and Sibusiso Masilela

The National Commissioner (NATCOM) of Police William Tsitsibala Dlamini was given a cheerful send-off by thousands of mourners as they paid their respects to the late police chief.

The mourners included members of regional and local security forces during a funeral held at Dlamini’s homestead at Mhlangatsha on Sunday. The mourners celebrated the life and times of Dlamini, who lost his life after he collapsed at the OR Tambo International Airport on his return from attending the SAPCO Regional meeting in Angola.

The event took an upward trend during the morning service conducted by members of the Royal Eswatini Police Service Chaplaincy Department after a peaceful vigil. From 4 a.m., mourners danced to music rendered by popular gospel artist Thabile Myeni, who is a member of the Police Service.
The celebrations proceeded to the gravesite and among the throngs of people who were present included police officers from Zambia, Lesotho, Angola, and South Africa.

They were in high spirits, with several mourners in traditional attire as they danced to the worship as the State funeral proceeded. Onlookers could not control their emotions as Dlamini’s relatives and friends reacted in a sombre mood when the casket was lowered to the grave. The energy of the mourners, however, remained high during proceedings as they continued to dance and comfort the broken-hearted despite the sombre mood.

Their Majesty’s representative Prince Phuhlaphi handing over tinyembeti to the NATCOM’s brother.


His Majesty King Mswati III and the Indlovukazi have urged the nations and family of late NATCOM William Tsitsibala Dlamini to keep the peace.

Through the representation of Prince Phuhlaphi, Their Majesties extended condolences to Dlamini’s family and the nation as a whole during both the memorial service on Saturday and the vigil on Sunday.
Dlamini collapsed and died at OR Tambo International Airport on October 7.

The NATCOM was laid to rest at his parental home at Mpolonjeni, Mahlangatsha following a memorial service held at Zakhele Free Evangelical Church on Saturday as part of the State Funeral as ordered by His Majesty.

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“Their Majesties have sent me to mourn on their behalf for the NATCOM’s family. They wish to comfort you at this difficult time, for what has happened is very unusual,” Prince Phuhlaphi delivered the message.
Their Majesties said they are used to people falling sick and being taken to health facilities for medical attention but that is not what happened to the NATCOM.

“Therefore, they urged that the NATCOM must not just rest in peace, but his family should ensure that the same peace reigns supreme on the nation as a whole.” On Sunday during the vigil service, Prince Phuhlaphi mentioned that Their Majesties had given him a similar message which was directed to the NATCOM’s Chiefdom (Umphakatsi).
“The Umphakatsi is also urged to retain the peace and keep an eye on the late NATCOM’s family,” he said.
He further disclosed that Their Majesties also gave him tinyembeti which the NATCOM’s brother received.

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Late NATCOM William Tsintsibala Dlamini’s wife says she was looking forward to Dlamini’s return from Angola. Dlamini’s wife Doreen Zwane wrote a message to her husband which was read out by her sister at both the memorial service and vigil.

She said she never thought such a day would come so soon, shortly after receiving a phone call from the NATCOM telling her he was on his way back to Eswatini from Angola. “Oh my God, I jumped for joy. It is so painful to know for a fact that I will never see your face or touch your hand. I will never hear your endless jokes and laughter. I will never feel your love again, not in this world.

NATCOM’s wife Doreen Zwane being assisted to bid farewell to her husband.

I am irreparable. I am shattered, I am a broken woman, my love. If only you could come back to us,” Zwane said. Nevertheless, Dlamini’s wife thanked God for the time spent with her husband stating that he was such a beautiful gift to her, an angel brought into her life to save her from all the pain.

“You came and protected me. Thank you for showing me what true love and happiness is. It is difficult to think about who is going to hold my hand now that you are gone, ngisele ebaleni Mlangeni,” she said.
She expressed how hard it was to imagine life without the NATCOM loving her and their children wholeheartedly, stating how it was amazing that Dlamini did all that effortlessly.

“You remain the best. Hamba kahle sithandwa sami. I will do my best and continue making you proud as you watch over me on the other side. I can only hope that time will heal my heart which is currently shredded into a million pieces. We always prayed together; therefore, I believe that God will carry me through. Phumula Nkhosi, Dlamini, Samketi,” she said.

The late NATCOM’s wife reminisced on when she met her husband in 2008 and he asked her to brighten his family home and from there on have been together since growing in love. Zwane said it was an uphill struggle, but their journey began then and with God on their side, they pulled through everything together.
Exactly six weeks ago they celebrated their union and had not even recapped the moments of the day, including watching their video of the beautiful ceremony they had.


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The South African Police Service (SAPS) has extended its condolences to NATCOM’s family over his death at OR Tambo International Airport.

On October 7, the NATCOM William Tsintsibala Dlamini collapsed and died at the airport where he was to connect a flight to Eswatini from Angola.

Making his remarks at the NATCOM’s vigil at Mahlangatsha, SAPS Deputy National Commissioner Shadrack Sibiya said as a service, they were sorry to the NATCOM’s family for his loss.

He disclosed that he was with the NATCOM in Angola, and they all returned to South Africa together, except he arrived on an earlier flight.

Shortly after his arrival, he received a call from Lesotho Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli who abandoned his flight to tend to the NATCOM and notified Sibiya of what had happened.

Immediately he called the SAPS National Commissioner General Masimulo to inform him and Sibiya was ordered to represent the Service from thereon. Since then, the SAPS has been together with the NATCOM’s family. “On behalf of the South African Police Services, we just want to pass our message of condolences from the Commissioner. We are sorry about what happened. We met and sat together with him, and we never expected this to happen,” he said. Sibiya said death is enigmatic, it cheats, it is indescribable in such a way that one will never know until a day or such time someone will unbundle the misery of death.

“But for now, we are half blessed, we can see it, watch it happening but it is God’s choice. From South Africa, we are here to say we are sorry and when in SA and there’s anything we can do to assist, please contact us,” he told NATCOM’s family.

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SARPCCO Chairperson and Zambia Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba says the NATCOM’s death is a great loss to the nation. He said Their Majesties, the Royal Eswatini Police Service, and the nation have been robbed of a dependable and industrious noble leader draped in humility.

The Commissioner made his remarks at the NATCOM’s vigil held at his parental homestead at Mpolonjeni, Mahlangatsha on Sunday morning. Musamba said in Angola, Police Chiefs had to share transport with all delegates, sleep in narrow hotels, and do a long commute to and from the conference venue.

However, Dlamini moved against the grain of compassion and resistance without grievances throughout the conference. He instead saw it as an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas with the rest of the delegation in attendance.

“He prioritized service over self. The region is equally at a loss. I encourage all police to reflect on Psalms 34:18, the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Please receive sincere condolences on behalf of the regional chiefs and in my capacity as SARPCOO Chairperson,” he said.


On another note, the Gauteng Traffic Police (GTP) has applauded the late NATCOM for teaching them the Russian Drill. This was said by the Chief Provincial Inspector Brian Modise during the NATCOM’s memorial service on Saturday at Zakhele Free Evangelical Assemblies at Ngwane Park.

I am proud to say the Gauteng Traffic Police squad has had this relationship with the members of the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) and through his leadership, we were taught Russian Drill.

“We are the first in SA to learn Russian Drill through the inspiration of Dlamini. We lost a leader and a father,” Modise said.

“He told the REPS that the GTP is still available and maintains its relationship with the International Police Association (IPA) and the rest of the family. “May his soul rest in peace,” he said.

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