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Zodwa Wabantu already planning her funeral

Dealing with death is never easy; and between going to the funeral parlour, running around to acquire a death certificate and dealing with numerous other obstacles before being given the opportunity to mourn your loved one(s).

Zodwa Wabantu has decided that she will try her best to ease the pain that will come with her eventual death for her family. The star took to Instagram on Tuesday to post pictures of herself purchasing a coffin valued at about R150 000. The star, who has no life cover at the moment, stated that “there’s always drama at the time of death. Families have to grieve and still deal with greedy companies so I’m avoiding all of that. I’ll pay now and deal with drama in heaven”.

Zodwa is avoiding the trend of not having money after your career hits a slump which is suffered by most South African Artists. She particularly hates the idea of people having to beg for money and ask for donations because she was unable to plan for her future. She hopes that her efforts will teach other South African artists to plan ahead instead of spending all their money on clothes, drugs and cars.

She has no plans of going anywhere at the moment but she would rather be prepared if anything should happen.

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