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It’s time to invest on sponsored content

We all know that at times its hard to find your target audience. Capturing their attention can be even harder. Investing in sponsored content helps marketers do both.
Sponsored content is a form of content marketing that is typically created by the publisher that distributes it. It is also called native advertising, because it looks and feels like other, native content on the site. Most publishers have created separate sponsored content divisions devoted to writing, designing, and producing sponsored projects–from articles to videos to infographics to entire microsites.
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For publishers, sponsored content is an important revenue stream. In fact, three-quarters of publishers and media buyers have embraced sponsored content to positively affect their bottom lines. Research also shows that 25 percent more of consumers look at sponsored articles than display ad units, and that native ads produce an 18 percent higher lift in purchase intent than banner ads do.
Adding to its allure, sponsored content is a one-stop content marketing shop. Your sponsored content partner should handle both content creation and distribution. For example, Mediaplanet can produce sponsored content and distribute it through a well thought-out distribution strategy that includes content recommendation partners, social and influencer marketing, and print channels. That is good news for marketers, as driving traffic to the content they invest in is one of their biggest challenges. Sure, you can write an exceptional article and stick it on your blog, but if you don’t have a strategy for promoting it, you are not going to get as much mileage out of it as you would like.
But of course, not all sponsored content is created equal. It has to appeal to your target audience, showcase your company’s expertise and/or solutions, and be written well enough to stand beside a publishers’ non-sponsored content.
Our product is fully owned by Africa AD Agency which guarantee you that you will reach your target audience. It will only cist E3500.00 fir us to run your sponsored content which will be optimized towards your target audience. For booking you can email:

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